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Do We Make Taping More Complicated Than It Needs To Be?

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Kinesiology tape (K-tape) is gaining popularity with healthcare providers, patients, and athletes. I have used K-tape for more than 10 years, but it wasn’t until the 2008 summer Olympics that my patients started requesting that I use K-tape as a treatment modality. As a sports chiropractor who was also an athletic trainer, I had been using different types of tape already with the main goal of locking down a joint for support. The thought of applying K-tape to support the tissue or joint while still allowing full range of motion (ROM) intrigued me, which led me to take whatever K-tape education I could find. In 2004, it was hard to find a K-tape course, but when a local course was offered, I jumped on the opportunity to be educated about its use.

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18 июля, 2016

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