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Posture Isn’t Everything, But Slouching Sucks!

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Have you ever been explaining something to a patient when, 20 seconds into your explanation, you see the “deer in the headlights” look? You just know the patient is hearing the teacher from Peanuts saying, “Whant whant . . . whant whant wha.” When I see this look, it is my cue to close my mouth and start thinking of a different way to get my point across. People learn in many different ways. Some learn better by listening (auditory), seeing (visual), or doing, or even through a combination of some or all. For those of us who teach posture or corrective exercise, Birdwhistell1 guidance (teaching someone through touching and moving) could translate to changes in behavior 30 times faster than visual guidance, and thousands of times faster than auditory instruction alone.

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18 июля, 2016

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